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  5. "Tôi đội mũ."

"Tôi đội mũ."

Translation:I wear a hat.

April 22, 2016



Why is "a hat" acceptable here? We learned that it must have "một", otherwise it's "the hat".


If you type "Tôi đội một cái mũ", your answer is still accepted. In some cases, people can omit the word "một" to make the sentences shorter, so they can say them easier and faster.


Could someone please explain the difference between đội and mặc? I used đội in another sentence to translate "wear" and it was wrong. The answer was mặc.

[deactivated user]

    "Đội" is a marker used for clothing worn above the waist - hats, shirts etc. - while "mặc" is used for clothing items worn at or below the waist - belts, skirts, pants etc.


    Again, I think I understand why 'a hat' is acceptable as a translation, but it's yet another instance of where the course is not following its own rule of thumb on articles/classifiers/, and it's confusing a lot of people.


    Tôi đội mũ đâu phải là số ít mà phải có a


    Thế thì phải một cái mũ chứ

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