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  5. "I am yours."

"I am yours."

Translation:Tôi là của bạn.

April 22, 2016



I don't get why sometime "minh" is added and sometimes it isn't.


"mình" is another way of referring to oneself when addressing an audience of unknown age and gender. It's another way of saying "tôi", albeit somewhat less formal. I think. I often see it used when people post on social media, notably Facebook and Zalo.


will things like của cô / của em /của anh etc be accepted in later versions?


We aren't sure about this because there are lots of personal pronouns in Vietnamese that can be used in this sentence.
English: I am yours.
- Vietnamese: Tôi là của bạn; Tôi là của các bạn; Mình là của bạn; Tớ là của cậu; Tôi là của em; Tôi là của anh;... Each of them makes sense in a certain context.


"Tôi là của bạn" arguably makes the least sense. Unless we're talking about a literal ownership scenario, why would someone say, "I am yours", so formally?

I'm learning Vietnamese for my girlfriend and she would sooner refer to me by name than, "bạn".


How do you put the accents?


On windows my Vietnamese freinds use UniKey http://www.unikey.org/ and they use the VNI input method. Then you type numbers after a letter to get an accent (e.g. e1 = é, e2 = è, e3 = ẻ, e4 =ẽ, and so on). That seems to be by far the most popular way, althoug windows does have it's own build in Vietnamese input (Under control panel > Region and Language > add language) then use either Windows Key + Space to change or click the language 'EN' in the bottom right on the task bar.

I'm on Linux and I use ibus-unikey https://www.archlinux.org/packages/?name=ibus-unikey

Not sure about Mac, sorry.


On a Mac it is quite simple, just use the input sources dialog under the keyboard configurator in system preferences. I routinely alternate between Danish, English, German and Vietnamese. Use the Show Keyboard Viewer dialog to see the keyboard while you type. After 30 minutes you know how to touch type Vietnamese easily.


I'd you're using the tiếng việt keyboard on your phone you enter the letter followed by either r, s, f, j or x. Ex. Ả = A+r Á = A+s À = A+f Ạ = A+j and à = A+x. Another option is to use swipe typing and select from suggested words. I found that ot by accident when i didn't realize i had the viet keyboard selected and tried typing "or" and ended up with "ỏ". So i played with combos until i found all tones


Ok why do I need a "là" here? My answer was "tôi của bạn".


"Của bạn" here means "yours," so you need the verb "là," or "am."

Tôi của bạn = I yours


Is it wrong to say Anh là của em?

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