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"Người đàn ông bán hai nghìn cái liềm mua một cái máy ảnh."

Translation:The man sells two thousand sickles and buys one camera.

April 22, 2016



the man sells 2000 sickles and buys a camera. wrong?

January 7, 2018


The man sells 2000 sickles and buys a camera ! I wrote this . not accepted ! Come on you ....


2000=two thousand. I even wrote out the word "one" (camera). Come on Duo! Lots of times you've used the (numeric) number in the answer before (LOTS!!), why change now?


I really like this app, but is the word 'sickle' used alot in Vietnam? I think it would be more appropriate if we can learn more usefull vocabulary, for example: a shovel, a spade, or a garden fork. Thanks


"The man buys 2000 sickles and buys a camera." Incorrect?


Oops. Can't edit or delete comments on the app but i actually answered: "The man sells 2000 sickles and buys a camera" but was marked incorrect. "The man sells 2000 sickles and buys 1 camera." Was also marked incorrect.

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