"Are you a farmer?"

Translation:Ffermwr dych chi?

April 22, 2016

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why both dych and dach?


dach chi is a very common dialect variation of dych chi used particularly in north-west Wales in writing as well as in speech. It also appears in the national media sometimes.

This course does not cover many dialect forms, but that one is so common that it has been included.

See the course notes for 'Present 1' - https://www.duolingo.com/skill/cy/Present-1/tips-and-notes


If its a regional thing, then both should be an acceptable answer


If you say what kind of question it was and exactly what your complete answer was, somebody may be able to help.

In translations into Welsh, any one of Dych chi, Dach chi, Wyt ti and Ydych chi are accepted.


Aren't these only the responses to this particular question?


Ydw, ffermwyr dw i.


That would be Ie, ffermwr dw i.

The Yes/No response to an emphatic pattern question (one that does not start with a verb) is Ie/Nage (or Ia/Naci in much of north Wales).

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