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  5. "Are you a farmer?"

"Are you a farmer?"

Translation:Ffermwr dych chi?

April 22, 2016



why both dych and dach?


dach chi is a very common dialect variation of dych chi used particularly in north-west Wales in writing as well as in speech. It also appears in the national media sometimes.

This course does not cover many dialect forms, but that one is so common that it has been included.

See the course notes for 'Present 1' - https://www.duolingo.com/skill/cy/Present-1/tips-and-notes


It wont accept "Dych" over "dach", but if they're interchangeable it shouldn't matter.


There is an error in the lesson. It says "dach" in stead of dych.


It is not an error. See the earlier comment about dych/dach chi and see the notes in the link there.

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