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Typo without a typo?

I keep getting typos when using à.

Am I somehow not accenting properly?

This has happened on 3 different sentences. I flagged it once with the report function.

April 22, 2016



I try run a debug sentence and it seems true that Duolingo can't recognize those letters. Will forward to staffs to check for font malfunction!


I've noticed a lot of mistranslations, poor translations and a severe lack of alternative answers throughout 74 chapters/skills.

Edit: Don't let this impede you from continuing to enjoy to course!


But to fix and improve the answer database, isn't that the purpose of a beta release?


I feel people are misinterpreting my comments. I'm merely giving my thoughts thus far, I know it's still in beta but I'm still reminding people who are learning to not let the issues impede them from happily learning the course. I'm also meaning to get people to give feedback! If I didn't care for the quality of the course I wouldn't have mentioned this or even gotten this far into it.

Mình nghĩ rằng mọi người đang hiểu lầm mình. Ý của câu bình luận ở trên là để nhắc nhở những ai đang học khoá học này là nó vẫn đang thi công, nên sẽ thấy rất nhiều câu trả lời vẫn còn sai hoặc thiếu sự lựa chọn thay thôi. Chứ không phải là mình bất ngờ vì chuyện này đâu ạ. Mình sẽ tiếp tục với sự phản hồi. :)


I'm new here and this is an older thread however I thought that it should be worth mentioning to the moderators that when I was going through the Russian Alphabet for English learners (just started this course), I was marked for a typo on "dom" (home) but it stated that it was correct at the bottom. Just figured if a moderator saw it, they could fix it for future users. Thanks and have a great day!


that happens in french too

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