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No plural of "Eltern"

There is no singular of "Eltern". It is the plural word for "Vater and Mutter" (or whoever is parenting). "Der Elternteil" can translate to "the parent.

February 22, 2012



Should not this topic be called "No singular of Eltern"?

March 8, 2013



March 8, 2013


@Kelli 'Elternteil' is common but has a rather official touch. It is used a lot in juristic or political contexts but not so much in every day live. In the context you mentioned, you wouldn't use it. If you know which parent is with the child, you'd ask 'Wo ist dein Vater/deine Mutter?'. If you don't know, you'd ask 'Wo sind deine Eltern?' or indirectly 'Bist du alleine hier?'.

July 4, 2012


Is "Elternteil" a fairly common word? Would it be the word to use if, for example, you were at a playground and you asked a child, "Where/Who is your parent?".

July 4, 2012


At a playground you would rather use plural: "Wo sind deine Eltern?" In places where a child is only admitted if accompanied by one of his/her parents, one would say "Nur in Begleitung eines Elternteils."

April 11, 2013


The word "Elter" is virtually never used in everyday life. I guess a lot of Germans don't even know it exists. It is mainly used in scientific contexts. 'Elternteil' is far more common.

December 30, 2012



May 4, 2013
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