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  5. Astronomy is not loading?


Astronomy is not loading?

I've tried loading it on my iPhone w/separate internet connection as well as on my home PC. Neither is loading the first lesson.

April 22, 2016



Wow, that's almost at the end of the tree. Basically you learn the whole language in a day or two.


Well I already speak Vietnamese. Tôi là người Úc gốc Việt mà (I'm a Vietnamese-Australian). :P I would've finished the whole thing by now had it not been for the fact that I can't even load lesson 1 for Astronomy. :(


Hello, I'm glad that you are eager to learn Vietnamese :D As I understand, you took the placement test, skipped a lot of skills, and jumped straight to Astronomy Skill? And you cannot load the first lesson of this skill?


I did the placement test and got down to about 50-55ish levels/skills and did the ones leading up to Astronomy. I will try starting over from the beginning to see what happens.


Thanks for your hard work checking up on the course!


Okay, thanks a lot! We will report this case to Duolingo to look for solution :) I see that you guys also comment a lot in the discussion. Thank for the contribution!

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