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Assignments now visible to students on web!

Hello everyone, we hope you are having an enjoyable Friday! As some of you may have noticed, we have been testing a new feature that allows students to see their assignments not only in their email, but also on their Duolingo home page when using a browser (on www.duolingo.com ). This means that when the teacher creates an assignment, the student would receive an email and be able to see how much they need to do on their duolingo.com homepage. The news is that the test is now over and all your students should be seeing this. We hope you are as excited about it as we are, and we hope this helps you create your assignments more easily.

Please note that this is not something that they can see on their iOS or Android apps, but they should be able to check on their phone browsers (by accessing www.duolingo.com on any device) if they don't have access to a computer.

This is what assignments could look like on the students' home page:

Happy assigning!

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April 22, 2016



I solved my problem - not sure if it will help others to know - I created a class, then an assignment, and then students joined my class. When they join after the assignment is given, they cannot see the assignment, unless you go back and assign it to them on the assignments page. They will not see it until you do that. So, best practice would be to create a class and/or have students join the class and THEN create the assignment. Hope this helps someone! :)


It is a good tip. I also had some similar topic. First I have created my classroom, than invited some students, made the assignments and later a new student joined the class. I have to assign him sepparately with the specific tasks. I think it's a pretty good feature, because you can manage your class dynamicaly and assign homeworks in different ways, considering the knowledge level of each student.


Great! Thanks for sharing!


I have been struggling trying to understand why my students couldn't see the assignments... Thank you so much for this post!


Awesome! This will really help my students!


** Question: When I start my students in the intermediate assignments, when they log into the app, they are routed to the basics. Is there a way for them to log in and go straight to the intermediate assignment?


Hi Caelestrial, there is no way. Please check out this explanation.


Will this feature be coming to the app? Because we use iPads, the app is so user friendly for my students and our email is blocked at a district level - so they cannot see their assignments. I would love to use assignments more.


It is possible it will, we are first seeing how useful this is for teachers before investing in and expanding that particular feature. Can they use the browser on the iPads to go to www.duolingo.com and check for new assignments for now? iPad users should be able to see new assignments via email alerts and the browser version of Duolingo at them moment. :]


We use android and it would be a huge benefit if my students could see their assignments right on the app. Our school has emails blocked also.


It would be great to see assignments on the app!


My college students have requested this SO MANY times and Duolingo somehow has heard their requests! <3


Essential! Thank you. However, most of my students use the app, and often they are redirected to the app on their phone when trying to use the web browser. Any plans to add the assignment view to the phone apps? I know this would increase student completion of homework.


Would it be possible to continue to show the due date for the assignment even when the student has completed it? I have students that have worked ahead and when I add a new assignment they cannot see the due date. It helps them to know where they are (behind or ahead) on the assignments.


If your students are using the Duolingo website, they can click "View all assignments" in the upper right corner (see screenshot) and see a list of all their assignments, past and present, along with due dates and completion dates (screenshot). Hope this helps!


Yep, that was perfect. Thanks for pointing that out!


That's awesome! THANKS!!!


love it-fun, challenging and worth the time!


My mother is a hairdresser. If Duolingo had an option, for exemple: In the users profile(I am a hairdresser or carpenter or an engineer). So in my skills I would see things related to my profession or things I like to do. For exemple: My mother do not like Politic. So it would be better if she learn things she likes. Believe me, there are many people that can't easily learn a new language and we learn more in our area.


That's a really cool idea!


That is just great and so helpful


Great! This will be so helpful!


My students did not see the assignments on their pages. What am I doing wrong, and/or what are they doing wrong?


Are they in your classroom, and do they have the correct "course" up on their page? Are they using the Duolingo website? (it won't show up on the app).


I need help with making an account


Hi, will the ability to see assignments on the app be available soon? We've just started using this for Welsh in school and were a little disappointed to find that the children are unable to see the assignments set if they use a tablet/phone rather than a PC. Our children have usernames but not email addresses so there is no way for them to see the assignments and therefore we can't actually use Duolingo as a tool which is a real shame. Is there a way around this? Thanks.


It should work if the students login to their account on the web => view full page => on the right column, near the daily goal, they should see their assignments. Have fun!


I have a question. I assigned the Past tense assignment for my Spanish 2 students because I want them to practice on the Spanish Preterite specifically. Wonderfully, they can see their assignment now on their Duolingo pare directly without having to check their email. Now, to my dissapointment, and that of the students, in order to do the Past Tense assignment you have to complete a bunch of present tense and other activities that we already covered in class. Is there a way I (or the students) can bypass this requirement and go do JUST the assignment set up by me?? Otherwise, I don't understand why we teachers are given the ability to chose a specific skill to give them as assignment if in the end they cannot access it immediately!

Please help!!!


Please check out this explanation, I think it applies to your case as well.


Unless there has been an update since this post, I know students would love to see the feature added to their phone app regarding assignments. Also, the app used to show how many points a student did each day, and that feature has gone away. When I assigned a certain XP amount over a break, they didn't know how many they had done yet. (I know this is also available on the browser, but since it used to be on the app as well, I'd love to see that brought back).

Thank you!


I would love to see a feature that permits teachers to turn off the ability for students to test out of a skill. I have a handful that abuse that feature. Their in class test scores do not reflect the mastery that they appear to have when they test out of the skills online. Also, I would like as an educator what level of mastery each student has on their skills online. I know that they are progressing through the program but are they achieving and maintaining the "gold" status of each skill? As an educator, I have no clue! This kind of insight would also be helpful in the classroom.


Yes, I would love to be able to "disable" their ability to test out!


Y'all need to put assignment notifications in the app!


Very useful, thank you!




Hi! Can you give us more details? Are they using the website? Are they in the correct course? Are they in the correct classroom? If you don't know how to check these things, please let me know and I'll help you!


yes, they are in the correct classroom and I can see their profiles. However, some can see their assignments and complete it while others ( most ) cannot


Hi! That is very strange. Can you please send some usernames (along with a link to this discussion) to teachers@duolingo.com? I can try looking into this on our end.


I am in the same/similar situation. Some students cannot see their assignments, even though they are in my class, I can see their progress, but nothing on their assignment is being completed.


Where are they looking? Remember this is only visible via email and on the website (not the phone and tablet apps)


You have to go to the assignment and it will prompt you to add students that have joined the class since you assigned it.


I was reading the discussion about bad words and students settings [conversation is locked], i can't find that button on my dash board. Was it eliminated? I have the classroom settings button but it doesn't include the option about restricted words.


Hi! Yes, turns out we are running a test where those settings would move (this is not the case for all teachers, but rather 50% of you will see it differently temporarily).

In your current situation, please go to your main schools.duolingo.com page. Hover over the classroom "squares" you see displayed and select the gray settings "wheel icon" on the top right of the classroom box > then select "Classroom settings" from the drop-down > and after that, "Privacy settings" to the right. Sorry for the confusion! If the test is successful, everyone will get the same interface and we will update the documentation. I hope it helps!


Hi! i teach 4th grade through 8th grade Spanish and i would liked to see the completion of my students assignments. Can someone walk me through what i need to do in order to check their work? Thank you so much.


Fantastic!!!! Love it! Thank you, the kids needed this feature.


Hello, This is not showing up on any of my students pages - and they cannot receive emails through their accounts (they used school accounts which block outside mail). Why is this feature not working for my students?




Hi! Can students finish an assignment on their phones by going through the website. I know they can't finish it on their apps but can they do it on the website?


How may I see this feature? My students have not been able to find it.


My pupils (and me in my dummy account) aren't seeing the assignment under "daily goal". I, as a teacher, am also not seeing any of their progress. Might this have something to do with using the Dutch version of the site?


Can you send some examples of usernames involved and an explanation to what you are seeing, and also what devices you are using? Are your students all in the same course? Using the Dutch version of the site should not interfere with this, unless your students are all in different courses. I also recommend this help article we wrote for this type of situation. =]


I have a class of 25 students, all who have enrolled in my Duolingo class. However, only about 20 of them can view their assignments on the home page. Is there a setting I can change to make sure they're all able to view their assignments???


They're all viewing and using Duolingo on a Chromebook.


how can i join a class?


You should receive a classroom code from your teacher and all the details in a user guide. Have fun!


Hello, how to see the class and the students on my account? regards


I have an assignment that I assigned to my test class, but I can't understand how to access the assignment. I'm the only user in the test class (Japanese). I chose "phrase" (フレーズ)from the Duolingo Curriculum, received an email that brought me to the page, and can see the assignment title on the computer webpage (not the app/app browser). But even on the computer I can't access the assignment (clicking on the title doesn't work, and there are no "phrase" activities). Can you explain what's going on? Thanks.


My students don't see the assignments. What should I do to help them?


Hello there, I am having issues with duolingo and some of my students. They can see their assignment, but the actual assignment icon is unavailable to that student. They can't start or complete an specifici assignment, my other students in the same block are fine. They can do without issues. Any help on that? I can even see and track them, and it says "Time, 5 lessons. Assigned!"

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