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  5. "An có một cái ô."

"An một cái ô."

Translation:An has an umbrella.

April 22, 2016



Yes, I'm frustrated that all the vocabulary is from the north. It should be cây dù. The pronunciation also privileges northern dialect. There should be a mixture. This makes this program not very user friendly to those of us from the south.


While I agree to a certain extent, let us be fair. The program is meant for foreign speakers. The Northern speech is much easier for a foreigner to deal with. To start, they actually pronounce everything, whereas we Southerners muddle some of our speech (d=gi - just an example). Moreover, I think the "official" Vietnamese accent is a Northern one, so it's the one that should be taught.

All that said, I admit to dragging my feet on progressing. It gets frustrating to go through a lesson and getting things wrong because terms like "nhà ga" is being taught while I learned "trạm xe lữa." Ultimately, while I can say that I want to improve my Vietnamese, it's hard to find the motivation because my day-to-day communication uses the Southern dialect.


Can you use a more generic name other than An? It looks like a vietnamese word. Stephen or Michelle would be a lot easier to differentiate between names and words


An is name , Anh is brother


I don't get the role of "cai" in this sentence. Can anybody explain?


It's called a classifier. Classifiers are used before anything when you're counting them (an umbrella, two umbrellas etc., but not the idea of umbrellas in general). Cái is the general classifier for things and objects. It's like người (persons) or con (animals). [2019/03/24]


For me the northern dialect definitely is clear and easier to grasp


I am vietnamese.... wanted to give a go at vietnamese on the app to see if i could use it to teach my kids vietnamese... and i definitely never heard "cai o" for umbrella... lol "cay du" is the term we used for umbrella, growing up


Cái ô is definitely a northern term. In the south it's cây dù.


You're right. In Southern dialect, people usually use cây/cái dù instead of cái ô in Northern dialect.


What would you use in the middle? I remember a rainy day in Hoi An, although raincoats seemed to be more popular than umbrellas :)


Actually we only use umbrellas for special occasions such weddings and funerals and for the ladies to look pretty. Umbrellas have little practical use in Vietnam.


I'm not sure about which word people in Central Vietnam use to indicate the umbrella because there are lots of dialects along this region. People in my hometown (Hue City) use "dù" more commonly than "ô". And yep, raincoats (áo mưa) are more popular than umbrellas in my hometown, too.


Agreed. I had never, ever heard this term before today.


Cái ô or cái dù is umbrella.


That's literally what they just said. [2019/03/24]


이건 뭐죠? 베트남어 An 이 영어 an으로 똑같이 나오네요?

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