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  5. "Anh ấy uống nước."

"Anh ấy uống nước."

Translation:He drinks water.

April 22, 2016



'uống nước' sounds very sparse. The two words sound like one word altogether. Is the 'c' in 'nước' not pronounced?


"nước" is pronounced correctly to my hearing. Without the "c", I can't even imagine how to pronoun "ướ"


Cảm ơn rất nhiều cho các thông tin! (Thanks a lot for the information!)


According to the Wikipedia article on Vietnamese phonology, when a word ends with a "k" sound or "ng" sound, it should be pronounced with your lips closing at the end of the sound, almost cutting it off abruptly. It's similar to how the 't' in "cat" isn't pronounced completely.

So nước, transliterated into English orthography, would sound something like noo-uh-km, where 'm' represents the mouth closing at the end of the syllable.


No, we don't always close our lips at the end of the word when we pronounce words with -c or -ng endings. In fact, we only close our lips when pronounce words with -oc, -ôc, -uc, -ong, -ông, and -ung endings. For example: học, ốc, cục, õng, bổng, sùng.

I'll try to explain more rules in the next levels when possible.


A good explanation. But then how do you pronounce uốnh ? "oo-o-ng-m" ?


I believe that "nh" in any part of a word in Vietnamese is pronounced like "ñ" in Spanish, or like "ny" in "canyon". So uốnh would sound something like oo-uh-ny, although no such word exists in Vietnamese.

If you meant "uống", you would make the "ng" sound at the end but close your mouth at the end, as if you were humming.

So "oo-uh-ng-m" almost.


Because we don't pronounce the very last consonants of a word as they should be in English. For example: "nước" is pronounced as /'nʊək/ without the /kə.../ sound at the end of it.

Try saying /nʊək/ then stop immediately when you reach the end of the word. Don't make the extra /kə.../ sound which is like you are gargling or clearing your throat. The same rule applies to most of the last consonants of any other words. This makes "uống nước" sound like "uốnước" /'uon'ʊək/ without the /kə.../ sound at the end of it.


This is a good explanation, I'm not sure why it was downvoted??


I also don't hear the 'c' or k sound pronounced on the Android version, which is wrong. He also seems to ignore the ô in uong.


Final consonant sounds are rarely pronounced in Vietnamese, don't expect to hear them


According to the rules established in-app for articles, we should treat all nouns as preceded by 'the' unless they write 'một' for 'a', no? I wrote 'He drinks the water' and was marked wrong.


Duoling needs to rework this language, the aduio is missing everywhere, the instructions are unclear, its not as well done as some of the other languages on here


Anh ấy uống Nước


What would be the difference between "He drinks water" and " He is drinking water?

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