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You’re on fire. Continue your 183 day Vietnamese streak on Duolingo

I forgot to turn off the notifications for Vietnamese. I love how Duo words it so that we've been somehow magically doing Vietnamese longer than the course has been open.

April 22, 2016



One of the reasons I like to practise on Duolingo early on in the day is to avoid getting these err... helpful reminders whenever I don't:


LOL. I usually turn them all off. I forgot after trying Vietnamese.


Duo: "Hey, you're so awesome you've done the course for longer than it has been available."

Me: "Uh.... That streak is probably from doing Spanish every day."


It's funny that Duo doesn't know that ;)


Yes. A lot of strange things happen when doing several languages at once. I had a similar notification when I began Polish on its first day.


It's even more fun here learning several languages through more than one.


Those people who are afraid to add more do not know what they are missing!


Apart From that whole typing the right word from the wrong language, i guess they don't do that so much .


That's one of the beauties of taking multiple languages. When I am supposed to be translating into English and I find myself answering in Swedish or Spanish then I know I got those particular words and concepts down.


Humm... Me too." You're on fire. Continue your 64 days Vietnamese streak on Duolingo."

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