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  5. "On ma nóż!"

"On ma nóż!"

Translation:He has a knife!

April 22, 2016



Is this the street crime skill or the house skill.. x)


Should I translate it or call the police?!


Haha, had to google that one. A Radom P64 or 'CZAK' is a semi automatic pistol for non Polish natives who may not know this.


Is the word for "knife" generally the same regardless of type of knife? (E.g. combat knife, kitchen knife)

  • „sztylet” = 'dagger'
  • „finka” = 'Puukko'/'bowie'(lit. 'a Finnish [one]')
  • „bagnet” = 'bayonet'
  • „sprężynowiec” = 'switchblade'( sliding blade construction; folding ones are pretty rare in Poland)
  • „nóż bojowy” = 'combat knife'
  • „motylek” or „balisong” = 'butterfly knife'
  • „nóż myśliwski” = 'hunting knife'/'bowie'
  • „nóż do rzucania” = 'throwing knife'
  • „tasak” = 'cleaver'
  • „scyzoryk” = 'Swiss army knife'/'Victorinox'
  • „nóż Szefa Kuchni” = 'chef's knife'
  • „nóż do chleba” = 'bread knife'
  • „nóż do filetowania” = 'fillet knife'

Take your pick. ;)


I typed "On ma nósz" and the system did not inform me of the typo. I've found other examples of this occurring where I had to double check with the comment page to check for minor typos. Is this a fault of the system or is there something that I'm missing about leniency in spelling?


We apologise for this. It's a problem which has been known for a very long time. Frankly, I've lost hope that the company is going to fix this any time soon.


That's not a knife.


Ale mam Radom P64 :)

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