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  5. "Bara menyn a caws"

"Bara menyn a caws"

Translation:Bread butter and cheese

April 23, 2016



is "buttered bread and cheese" an inaccurate translation?


What exactly is "butter bread"? Is that just buttered bread? Bread with butter?


'Butter bread' might be a dialect usage, perhaps, but for 'bara menyn' either 'bread and butter' or 'a slice of buttered bread' or even 'a sandwich' would be more usual. Or perhaps there is just a comma missing after bara and it is meant to be the two separate words.

brechdan is also used to mean a slice of bread and butter, but it is used more often for 'sandwich' nowadays.

Also, I would expect to see a mutation after a (and): bara menyn a chaws.


I'm still not understanding why one of the definitions given for bara menyn is "buttered bread," yet it's marked incorrectly in the lesson. If it's not an acceptable translation, why give it?


It seems that this sentence has been deleted from the course database due to its problems which were identified during the current beta testing. Unfortunately it has joined the ranks of the zombie phrases - Duolingo have not yet deleted them from the system for reasons beyond our control.

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