April 23, 2016



No audio. Vietnamese is here!


Out of all the many languages in Duolingo, it's Vietnamese which doesn't have all the audio files! Argh! If something desperately needs audio, then it's Vietnamese. And Danish and Irish, but well, they have it.


Can you speak good English to me? I will teach you Vietnamese


Yes please, you can practice with me if you still want


Offer still stand?


Agreed! Vietnamese has so many letters which in English make totally different sounds. Huế for example isn't a 'h' sounds its a 'w' sound. So confusing.

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    But Hue in fact has the 'h' sound, each letter in Vietnamese only presents one sound, unless it's in a digraph.


    Southern Vietnamese clusters /hw, kw, ŋw/ (hu, qu, ngu) are actually all reduced to just /w/. Northern Vietnamese preserves those consonants (but merges others).

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      It's in the informal context; in formal context, i can pronounce every letters just fine.


      Have you taken Danish and Irish? At least for now, you can listen here: http://forvo.com/search/V%C3%A0/
      Note that you can hear someone from northern Vietnam and someone from southern Vietnam say this word.


      Thank you, allinto!


      Yes! Because Vietnamese has all these unnecessary tones and odd words and hard pronunciations! :..(!


      Try to hear these sentences in Vietnamese using the translator to pay attention (in normal and slow speed) to the pronunciation with the Google TTS in the following text:

      Nghề làm pho mát hay thợ làm pho mát (tiếng Anh: Cheesemaker) là một người thực hiện các công đoạn chế biến làm ra pho mát từ các sản phẩm sữa tươi. Những người chế biến pho mát điêu luyện được gọi là nghệ nhân là pho mát. Việc sản xuất pho mát, giống như nhiều quy trình bảo quản thực phẩm cho phép dinh dưỡng và giá trị kinh tế của một vật liệu thực phẩm, trong trường hợp này sữa, được bảo quản. Nó cho phép người tiêu dùng để lựa chọn (trong giới hạn nhất định) khi tiêu thụ thức ăn hơn là phải sử dụng sản phẩm sữa ngay lập tức, và nó cho phép sản phẩm được thay đổi, gia giảm nguyên liệu theo đó cung cấp giá trị dinh dưỡng cao hơn.

      You can use the link below:

      Google TTS

      After that, tell me if those tones are not necessary to distinguish between all these word constructions with monosyllables. I think that pronunciation with normal speed in the real life is even faster. ;)


      Ukrainian is also missing audio files. I waited years for that course, but what use is a language course without sound.


      Wish I could give you a lingot! But I have none


      Swahili doesn't have audio either. Are these languages still in beta?


      Do you know when/if they will get audio. It would make it a lot easier! :D


      Hopefully when they get better/out of beta.


      Audio is finally here! as of Feb 7 2021


      Thanks, Kylee!


      Where's the audio?=(


      This isn't a sentence it's a word


      I am just here to learn the spelling so I doesn't matter too much for me but without audio, I wonder how do the people that don't already know Vietnamese can learn it?


      Hopefully one day the audio is available


      Can you speak good English to me? I will teach you Vietnamese


      I may speak good English, but I haven't known Vietnamese yet :'(


      Someday, my sound will come, someday when spring is here... or later.

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        in Turkish "ve" is and.


        who is vietnamese like moi!


        So "và tối" will make sense


        và, anh ta,... oh difficult!!


        Mình là người Việt Nam, mà học cái này thì cực dễ. Ha! Ha!

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