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  5. "Os cães bebem água."

"Os cães bebem água."

Translation:The dogs drink water.

January 23, 2013



2 interesting things: 1) when I missed the last letter ,,s" and wrote ,,dog" instead of ,,dogs" it didn't accept (other times when I wrote a word without 1 letter ,,s" at the end it worked and just reminded me of that. 2) Does the speaker say ,,cres" instead of real sound of ,,cães"? And the third extra thing from me is: Which version of ,,dog" is more common in use in portuguese: ,,cachorro" or ,,cãe"? Thanks in advance


Cachorro at least that's what i usually say.


Lots of people refer to dogs as cachorros, but both are right.


I am not sure about this, but I think that cachorro is used for puppies, and caes for dogs in general. At least that is the way it is in spanish...


For puppies, we would say "filhotes" or "cachorrinhos".


the singular form is "cão".

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