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  5. "Con dê ăn đu đủ."

"Con ăn đu đủ."

Translation:The goat eats papaya.

April 23, 2016



We're totally going to use this in Vietnam! :D


Why is a goat eating papaya


Does Vietnamese have a separate construction for present progressive (the goat is eating papaya) vs. simple present (the goat eats papaya)?


Yes, Vietnamese has a separate construction for present progressive and the present simple.

  • The present simple expresses events or situations that exist always, usually, habitually.

The goat eats papaya. Con dê ăn đu đủ.

  • The present continuous (present progressive) just give an idea that action is in progress at the moment of speaking, and it expresses this action.

The goat is eating papaya. Con dê đang ăn đu đủ. (It expresses the action of eating).


Good to know, thanks! I got marked wrong for "is eating", and I wanted to make sure it was a feature of the language and not a bug.


It also works with the past and future continuous (kind of).

Lúc đó tôi đang ăn = At that moment in time I was eating.

Ngày mai khi tôi đang tắm tôi không muốn nói chuyện với ai hết = Tomorrow while I am showering I don't want to speak to anyone at all.


Yeah, you're welcome ^^


This is so awesome


The only thing i need to do now is just find out how to pronounce the accents correctl


I erroneously put "Con dì ăn đu đủ" and got the question right. i guess people feel bad for me and gave me a pass :P


How do you type the Vietnamese characters/accent marks that dont exist in English? I can't find them on my phone's keyboard.


If you have a Vietnamese keyboard, just hold down the letter you want to accent, a popup will appear for you to choose the accent you want, you have to keep your finger on the pad and slide it to the correct one ! Hope that helps !


I have the android keyboard installed for vietnamese, but it's tricky, as the accents are allocated to random keys like s,f,x.... you write a vowel and hit either of those to supply the accent, but you have to remember what accent is where...


So you need to learn "telex" keyboard XD it maybe another language you have to learn if you want to type vienamese like the vietnamese. Ex: aa=â, aw=ă, ee=ê, ow=ơ, us=ú, uf=ù, uj=ụ, ux=ũ, ur=ủ...


Why does it sound like conzay instead of conday?

[deactivated user]

    In vietnamese, d makes the sound of /z/ and đ makes the sound of /d/.


    Northern Vietnamese*.


    That's what I want to know. I can't make out at least half the audios for this reason.


    Vietnamese "d", "gi_" and "r" are all pronounced /z/.


    Only in the North. Some North-central areas distinguish all 3, some only distinguish d/gi with r.


    Why are there two "du"s? (I'm sorry I can't figure out how to type it correctly.) Is one an indicator or do they together make one term - papaya?


    Reduplication. Some words form by repeating a syllable but have different tones. E.g. many fruits feature this concept: chôm chôm (rambutan), bòn bon (langsat) and đu đủ (pawpaw or papaya).


    "Con dê ăn cái găng tay" would have made more sense


    How does one know when to use a classifier and when can it be left out?


    Con dê ăn đu đủ=THE goat eats papaya Dê ăn đu đủ=ALL the goats (in the world) eat papaya


    It would be nice if Duolingo had the accents below like with other languages


    if Vietnamese doesn't use articles, then why do we have to put them in our answers.


    By the way 'the' has no translation! BOOYAHHHHHHHH


    Im getting good at this!!! BOOYAH! Con dê ăn đu đù translates "The goat eats papaya." HELLS YEAH


    This is rip off

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