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"Don't you want to wish me well?"

Translation:Willst du mir nicht alles Gute wünschen?

January 23, 2013



Could one also say "Willst du nicht mir alles Gute wünschen?", or is that word order wrong (as Duolingo is telling me)?


As a german native, I can tell that your order is wrong. It is, however, difficult to say why...


I see. Thanks for answering!


Disclaimer, I am not a native German speaker!
Just to add to what tholenst2 said, after reading up on nicht here: http://goo.gl/HwkjW , I believe the part that is being negated is "wish well", not "me" (mir). You could carry on the conversation and say "no, I do not want to wish you well, I want to wish you bad luck". If it was the person being negated, "mir" (me), then I believe you could write "Willst du nicht mir alles Gute wünschen?" (Don't you want to wish ME well?), which you could follow up with "no, I do not want to wish you well, I want to wish HER well". The "nicht" in this sentence is before the part to be negated. I hope that helps, or at least the link helps! Maybe with this explanation tholenst2 can confirm or tell me I'm way off and out to lunch.


With exactly this emphasis I think it's possible, yes, but I still wouldn't recommand it. I think one would rather say something like: 'Willst du mir denn gar nicht alles Gute wünschen?'

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