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"Ydy Owen eisiau dysgu Cymraeg?"

Translation:Does Owen want to learn Welsh?

April 23, 2016



I don't know about Owen but I sure do, it is the most enjoyable language I have ever been learning!


I put "Does Owen want to study Welsh?" .....it was marked as incorrect


That's because Welsh, like English, has two different verbs for "to learn" and "to study". "Does Owen want to study Welsh" would be "Ydy Owen eisiau astudio Cymraeg?"


"Dysgu" is also marked as "to teach", and they are complete antonyms. Did I miss something in the course?...


Yes "Dysgu" means both "To learn" and "to teach". Where clarity is needed i.e when both are in one sentence then you can use "Addysgu" instead for "To teach" but it's closer in meaning to "To educate".

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