Celebration Time! And Reverse Tree!

So I just finished the Russian course, and have kept my tree gilded throughout! I'm actually delighted! I have no real previous experience of any language other than English. (I learnt French at all school, but to give you an idea of how little French interested me at the time, I counted down the lessons to the end of the course one-by-one from about 100! Haha!) I think Duolingo is probably the only learning method that could have kept me interested until the point (about half way through) when I started to actually "love" the language. I've just bought the Penguin course, and I can't wait to get moving on some more advanced topics.

Thanks to the Duolingo team for an excellent course, and for answering my, erm, numerous, questions!!

By the way, and on the subject of questions(!!), I would like to start the reverse tree. Can I do this without opening a new account? If so, how? I think I might be missing something....

April 23, 2016


Well done, Mikey! That is a big accomplishment. There is something about the duoLingo course that is really quite wonderful.

April 23, 2016

Congratulations and good luck with the reverse tree! I found the reverse tree a lot harder, different vocabulary and a lot more translating to Russian, but I wasn't starting from scratch when I did the Russian course.

April 23, 2016


April 23, 2016 will get you to the course menu. :)

April 23, 2016

Such an accomplishment! I am only about halfway done with my Russian tree, but I am loving the challenge of this course. Good luck with the reverse tree!

April 24, 2016

Thank you to everyone for your congratulations and/or comments on the reverse tree. I started it (on a new account for simplicity) over the weekend shortly after recovering from the previous night's celebrations! So far, it's been very easy (got to the first checkpoint really quickly), but I can see that it's going to get much harder due to the increased difficulty in learning new vocabulary when the Russian is not being read out aloud.

The whole thing is really quite amusing too. I've turned off the speaking exercises now, but the few I did for amusement proved that Duolingo does not like my Yorkshire accent one little bit! According to Duo I'm apparently better at speaking Russian!

April 25, 2016

That is hilarious!

I skip the speaking exercises and hope my ear is somewhat good. I did say "здравствуйте" to a Russian the other day, and she let loose with a torrent (of which I was only able to pick out "мальчиком") - so I apparently I can say one word convincingly enough!

April 25, 2016

Поздравляю! Опиши пожалуйста, какого это покорить дерево великого и могучего? Обратное дерево будет очень полезно изучить. Хоть я и имею опыт с русским почти 28 лет, покорив дерево, узнал что-то новое как в русском, так и английском языках. День был прожит не зря;)

May 2, 2016
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