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"Did you have curry and salad for dinner?"

Translation:Gest ti gyri a salad i ginio?

April 23, 2016



Why do you have to mutate cyri after gest ti here?


Because it is the object of the conjugated verb gest. As in:

  • prynodd Siân gar newydd - (car -> gar)
  • gwnawn ni fynd adre yfory - (mynd - fynd)


Per the prompt for this one, "dinner" is not the same thing as "lunch" in American English. We use dinner and supper interchangeably for the evening meal. Lunch or the archaic "luncheon" is used for the midday meal, "breakfast" for a meal eaten after rising in the morning. "Brunch" (the amalgamation of breakfast and lunch) is a meal that can be eaten late in the morning, and sometimes takes the place of lunch.


The terms used in English do vary widely in which meal they refer to. Regardless of what each meal is called at what time of day, the terms themselves can be translated quite straightforwardly:

  • brecwast - breakfast
  • brecinio - brunch
  • cinio - lunch/dinner
  • te - tea
  • swper - supper
  • byrbryd - a snack

So if you use the English ‘dinner’, use cinio in Welsh. You can then practise your Welsh by discussing whether you meant a midday meal, a late afternoon meal, an early evening meal, a late evening meal or an occasional posh meal with black tie, crystal glasses, candles and silver cutlery, or whatever.

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