"He received a message from this girl."

Translation:On dostał wiadomość od tej dziewczyny.

April 23, 2016

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odebrał = dostał IF received


Wouldn't that be "he collected a message from this girl"?


I think it suits the sentence, although I wouldn't say it myself, probably... that kinda sounds a bit military to me, like he received this message by some encrypted channels :D

Not sure what 'collecting' a message would mean exactly...


Yes, I was thinking dostał is collected and oderbrał is more like collected? I think I would normally say got but that's probably bad English!


Well, I did find "Can you collect children from school?" which takes "odebrać", so at least in some contexts it works.


why < dziewczynki > is not accepted ? Is it because < dziewczynka > is a little girl who cannot write yet ?


That would be a very specific reason not to accept "dziewczynki"... While it's true that "dziewczynka" is younger, we still accept "dziewczynki" here, it should have worked. But if you made a typo somewhere, then you probably got corrected to the main answer, which uses "dziewczyny".

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