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What's the difference between efo and gyda?

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They both mean with, 'efo' is the North Wales form and 'gyda' is the South Wales form.


the course doesn't seem to note this but in North Wales 'hefo' would be the full version of 'efo'


Hefo is an alternative version rather than the "full" one. The word actually comes from ef a "he and" so you can see how it came to mean "with".


I've been watching S4C (the UK Welsh TV channel) with subtitles (which is a fun way to improve my Welsh), and I'm beginning to spot the dialect variations. I've definitely heard both efo and gyda. So if you want to watch TV, it's worth learning them both.


Thank you. It's so good to hear from folks who know more than me. I'll keep the haggis happy - he's quite friendly really.

Visited my old friend who is a Gog this morning. Supposed to practice speaking Welsh but.......................we laugh more than anything. So must get back now to DuoLingo and practicing this afternoon.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.


Croeso. Thanks for showing such an interest in the Welsh language!


I wish we had the choice to exclude dialogue exlcusive to the North/South (depending on preference). I understand that it's all technically one language but It feels like i'm wasting time practicing words I know I'm not going to use, especially with the words I already know as a different varient (i.e. Gyda).


I understand your frustration, but I don't think you're wasting time. Even if you don't use some of these words, you need to be able to recognise their meaning because you'll see and hear them.


I live in mid wales where almost no-one speaks welsh. I am currently doing entry level welsh and we concentrate on south welsh. But I hear a mixture of north and south welsh among the few who speak welsh around here. People move for work, and old habits die hard


Just think of it as broadening your vocabulary. I use the words from whichever region I prefer. I like some Northern words and some Southern.


I agree with Katie Lou. I live in S Wales and as we are at the early stages of language learning we should learn to be secure in whatever system we want to learn - to begin with. S?rely "gyda" and "efo" should be accepted by the system.

Most Mynediad courses are either N or S Walean. When we have learned the basics the ........... It's just plain muddling at this level of language learning.


Unfortunately you're unlikely to convince Duolingo to let you exclude certain things depending on which variety of the lanugage you're learning. They don't do it for the different varieties of English, Spanish, Portuguese etc. so they're not going to do it for Welsh. I agree entirely with what you're saying though. If you're a beginner, as most Duolingo users are, you shouldn't have to try to learn more than is necessary until you can use them competently.


Thank you, although I still don't understand the problem. A simple click of a button should give you one version of Welsh or the other.

Why do other on-line courses and uni/college courses and text books separate the 2 forms of Welsh and DuoLingo doesn't ?

Welsh unlike the other languages has 2 officially recognised language forms it's 2 regions with different grammar and phonetics. They aren't just dialects.

I'm sure DuoLIngo doesn't mix Brazilian Portuguese with European Portuguese ad hoc.

Anyway I'll keep at it.

If I throw my wild haggis at the North Welsh dragon and send it all the way down into the middle of the Severn, you'll know why. Hope the dragon can swim and find it's way back up to Gog land.


Just for clarity, Welsh doesn't have two officially recognised language forms. There are a number of different dialects of Welsh across the North and South and you could just as well easily write a Western or a Central course as you could a Northern and Southern one. It's just that courses for adults have decided to create a broadly Northern and broadly Southern course for beginners because it's a good place to start without either going into too much detail or making it too broad that the language taught is practically unusable.

The differences between some dialects of Brazilian and European Portuguese would be greater than those of Welsh, but from what I understand, the Duolingo course will accept answers in both standard forms of those dialects although it uses a Brazilian voice, which is annoying.

Having said that, I don't know why Duolingo can't add a simple button either. Write to Duolingo and petition them to get it changed. I'm sure learners of other languages would be grateful too!

PS I'll look out for the haggis! Tapadh leibh!

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