"The man"

Translation:Người đàn ông

April 23, 2016



Seeing as how this is a beta, one strong suggestion that I'd make is having a good pronunciation model of all phrases, especially in the beginning levels.

English speakers are going to approach these sounds and characters from a perspective that seems natural to them. Living in HCMC and having struggled with vietnamese for months, I can definitely say that Anglicized Vietnamese is no Vietnamese at all. Locals will not understand you. Unlike many other language speakers, the Vietnamese have no experience with accents. They're just as likely to think that you're speaking some weird form of English.

With regards to how important tones are in this language and given the fact that some letters are completely different in terms of pronunciation that are not intuitive, there is no way that a beginning Vietnamese student coming from an English speaking background will be able to look at the phrase above and pronounce it correctly. There needs to be a good model for EVERY new phrase at this stage.


The lesson should train us about tones, I agree! Sadly, having sound for every sentences is not possible.


How am I supposed to use the special characters? I got it right but since my keyboard can't type special characters, I got the answer wrong.


They accept it without diacritic now.


Are you on windows or Mac?


Install a vietnamese keyboard


On your phone.. Though pc app is much better than phone


the vietnamese keyboard on my computer is very selective.


download "Unikey" for write with accent Vietnamese


a+a=â .- a+w=ă .- a+r=ả .- a+j=ạ .- a+a+s=ấ .- a+a+f=ầ .- a+a+r=ẩ .- a+a+j=ậ . - a+w+s=ắ .- a+w+f=ằ .- a+w+r=ẳ .- a+w+j=ặ .-


o+o=ô .- o+w=ơ .- o+f =ò .- o+s=ó .- o+r=ỏ .- o+j=ọ .- o+o+s=ố .- o+o+f=ồ .- o+o+r=ổ .- o+o+j=ộ . -


e+s=é . - e+f=è .- e+r=ẻ . - e+j=ẹ .- e+e=ê .- e+e+s=ế .- e+e+f=ề . - e+e+r=ể .- e+e+j=ệ .-


u+w=ư (w=ư) .- u+w+s=ứ .- u+w+f=ừ .- u+w+r=ứ . - u+w+j=ự .-

u+o+w=ươ .- u+o+w+s=ướ .- u+o+w+f=ườ .- u+o+w+r=ưở .- u+o+w+j=ượ ..................................


I wrote người đàn ông with all the correct letters and markers and it still marked it as wrong what's happening


There must be something wrong with the word "đàn". It shoud be "đàn". Can you notice the difference between the two: à à? The latter is the correct character while the former is not. It is, how to say, a typo or an inappropriate unicode character which never belongs to Vietnamese. You may have a look at the tutorial page of this level to learn how to type proper Vietnamese. Hope you enjoy learning my beautiful language.


I don't understand. You just asked the difference between à and à. I wrote every single character correctly, and it still said "almost correct".


Perhaps your device does not allow you to see the difference between the two characters while I can clearly see it. Please try Unikey to type proper Vietnamese characters http://www.unikey.org/ :)


Do Vietnamese people write the language with accents in the real world? Are the accents just for learning the language?


Sure we MUST write characters with accents because Vietnamese is a tonal language. You would get 0 mark or have your total scores heavily deducted for not writing proper Vietnamese words at schools. However, as native speakers can understand most of the unaccented words when they are put into context, we tend to type (on PC, phones or other smart devices) characters without accents just for convenience. Without context, you don't know if I mean 'tiên', tiến', tiển', 'tiền', tiễn', tiện' when I type the unaccented word 'tien'.

So if you guys are serious learners of Vietnamese, please type/write words with accents all the time. :)


Thanks for the information! However, Vietnamese is not a language with hieroglyphs as Chinese so that there are no characters in Vietnamese, only letters with tone marks. The 6 tones in Vietnamese seem more complex than Chinese with only 4 tones.


You're welcome! Không có chi! 别客气!

Speaking of characters, I meant the Vietnamese alphabet letters and tone marks which are totally different from Chinese characters. :)

BTW, I'm a native Vietnamese and also a learner of Mandarin Chinese and several languages. Gotta master 'em all!


Individual 'letters' are also often known as 'characters' in certain contexts, especially among programmers.

("Chinese" is not a single language but several; while Mandarin indeed has four tones, Shanghainese has five, and Cantonese six...and Taiwanese has eight tones.)


Wiktionary says these three words would be pronounced like /ŋɨəj ʔɗaːn ʔəwŋ͡m/. Anyone who speaks Vietnamese and knows some IPA, is this accurate?

Of course, it would be a lot simpler if we had voices in-app, at least for the beginning segments.

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