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  5. "Các bạn là phụ nữ."

"Các bạn phụ nữ."

Translation:You are women.

April 23, 2016



It should also accept "you guys" as a plural form of "you".


It accepts y'all


Really? That is slang for "all of you" which I used but was counted incorrect. The answer reads "you are women" yet the plurality was in front of "You".


Các is one of the plural indicators and is placed in front of the pronoun or noun.


You is the subject not women that is why


IMO, "you guys" may consist of both male and female, that we don't point to the gender. But women are obviously female.


"You guys" is unisex in modern English. It's like "các bạn". I think I was referring more-so in general and not necessarily in this sentence.


so the plurality indicating particle is omitted when the subject is already plural?


Các bạn can also mean "friends", no?


No, "các bạn" can only be used as "you/you are/are you/do you..." Even though "bạn" means "friend", "các bạn" is only used as a plural "you", a pronoun, and not a noun.


Sorry I am very uneducated with Vietnamese. The app teaches you "bạn" means you though right? And what i think im getting out of my learning is bạn may mean one thing but the meaning can be changed just by adding something in front or behind or something? Like one word means one thing but with another word they work together and mean something else?


friends, peers = những người bạn. Các as pronoun always use in conversation, rarely mean for friends. Some examples: I visited my friends = tôi đã đến thăm Những người bạn. "When will you come back?"- khi nào Các bạn trở về?


yes i am a pure vietnamese


Not very good at Vietnamese, but I think yes, Các bạn could also mean friends. It depends on the context


Yes, "you" is a singular pronoun but we can use "you" when speaking directly to more than one person.

Các bạn = you (speaking to a group)

Các bạn ấy = they

As in the example if you met 3 women at the train station and wanted to address them all.

"You're early!" "You look great!"


The translation is y'all. :P


Just curious why 'Người' is not in this sentence, when 'Người' in used with 'Người đàn ông'? Just thinking about it. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. :-)


It accepted 'you are all women' used as plural here


I thought the same thing. I translated it as "they are women"


Shouldn't 'you are all women' be a legitimate translation here? Is there some reason it isn't?


It should be "you all are", not "you are all". The sentence you wrote has a different meaning, even though gramatically it doesn't make a big difference.


Please i don't understand why is not "bạn là nhưng người phụ nữ "


I'll take a stab at this. Your sentence is "You(singular) are the women". The literal translation of "Cac ban la phu nu" is "You(plural) is woman", but "is" transforms to "are", and "woman" becomes "women" due to "you" being plural. Whereas if the same thing happened with your sentence, the whole thing would become singular.


Shouldn't it be "Your friends are women." My whole life I say "cac ban" to mean friends. Everyone in my family say it like that and we are all Vietnamese so you can't say I'm wrong.


các bạn chứ có phải các phụ nữ đâu ...


So this is basically like saying, "You all are women" ?


You are women is wrong english. It must be you are the woman or a woman


No. In English, 'you' can be singular or plural. The vietnamese sentence uses the plural.


Các bạn :))))) it wrong


i dont get it still "you are women" it dosent make sense to me but you are a women makes sense!i just dont get it


"Women" is plural, and in this sentence so is "you". So it's when you're speaking to a group of people, who are all women.


The translation "You are Women" is not correct. The "You" is a singular form and the "Women" is plural, how they can be formed part of the sentence. Can somebody help to explain?


It is really easy. "You" is a plural form here.


It sounds better to say all of you


In most English speaking countries "you" can be singular or plural. While many have suggested the plural form should be "you all" or the contraction "Y'all" I believe those expressions are only common in the U.S. and even there mostly just in the south.


hmmm. 'you' is a singular pronoun. this sentence is saying 'i' am plural (women). when i translate it into english, Duolingo tells me i am wrong....


Shouldnt the sentence be " You are a woman" than " you are woman"?


It's "women", which is plural, so you don't need "a"


I said "You are an woman" why wouldnt it work?


Because you're using the wrong article. It's A woman, not AN woman; AN is only for when a noun starts with a vowel.

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