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  5. "I need a book."

"I need a book."

Translation:Potrzebuję książki.

April 23, 2016



If you think of the translation of potrzebuje as 'having need of', maybe the use of the genitive case makes more sense


This comment helped a lot!!! "I am in need of a book" would help me, tremendously, to remember that this verb "potrzebowac" would be genitive. Even though the sentence does not read "potrzebuje z ksiazki", it helps my mind wrap around this case. Thanks for the comment.


No worry guys, when you get the cases right, you have the worst behind ;)


Potrzebuję książkę is more correct?


While your version, being in biernik (accusative) is quite widely used (1880 results in google for the exact phrase, vs 4080 for "potrzebuję książki"), the linguists would say that the only case which can be used with "potrzebować" is dopełniacz (genitive), thus making "Potrzebuję książki" the only really correct option.

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I am still baffled that anyone would say this with the Accusative. Sounds clearly wrong to me.


Why is it książki and not książky? I'm using the grammar book "Polish Verbs & Essentials of Grammar" (see pg 18) and the declension for the genitive case of książka should be książky because książka is a hard stem feminine noun. Is this noun an exception to the rule? Why/Why not?


Could that be a misprint? The resource I use to check declensions (https://lektorek.org/polish/) doesn't show the -y declension you mention.


How do I get diacretical accents for Polish?


On a phone, if you have a Polish keyboard (I recommend SwiftKey, you can have up to 5 keyboards on the same time), just hold the corresponding 'basic letter' and a menu for diacritics will show.

On a computer, see this: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12251071


why ksiazki instead of ksiazke? I thought ksiazki is plural


Książki is both nominative/accusative plural and genitive singular. In this particular sentence it's genitive singular, since potrzebować is one of those verbs that always takes the genitive instead of accusative.


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