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  5. "Sự thật cần sự bảo vệ."

"Sự thật cần sự bảo vệ."

Translation:The truth needs the protection.

April 23, 2016



Truth needs protection should also be accepted.


I would say "Truth needs protection" is the natural answer. There is no need for the 'the' in front of 'truth' unless you were talking about a specific 'truth', and there you would more likely say 'this truth' or 'that truth', not 'the truth'.


It is equally as natural to say "the truth needs/requires protection". You will find "the truth" in plenty of sentences and more often than not "sự thật" implies "the truth".


There is no need for "the" before protection. It is more natural to say "The truth needs protection".


"protection" in Vietnamese means "sự bảo vệ".


"The truth needs the protection" doesn't make sense in English. Only one "the" is necessary. "The truth needs protection" is what it should be.


Yes Teh Vanarch. It is incorrect. No native English speaker would ever use the second 'the'. The grammar in English is incorrect.


Sadly in English there are many things which might appear to need to follow a rule, but which do not. 'The X needs Y' is one of them. A second 'the' in this sentence is not possible.


Ditto re "The" commented on many times below.


"The" protection is wrong. Very simple. It is wrong. What I want to know is why these complaints are years old now and nothing has been done.

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