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  5. "Những đứa trẻ ăn táo."

"Những đứa trẻ ăn táo."

Translation:The children eat the apple.

April 23, 2016



It is possible to say "eat the apple" and be perfectly grammatical in English but the meaning would be that a single apple was being shared. I don't suppose that is how this sentence would be understood in Vietnamese. The question that occurs to an English speaker is whether the Vietnamese can have both meanings.


The children eat apple , why is incorrect ? Must The children eat the apple , why ❓


What is correct depends on what the Vietnamese actually means. The various English sentences are acceptable as English but they mean different things. "The children eat apple" is less likely to be said in English than other possibilities. The question is what does the Vietnamese mean or can it mean all of the various English meanings.


I agree it seems either way is correct.


Why does this sentence not need "ngu'o'i", but a previous sentence with the men "nhu'ng ngu'o'i dan ong" does?


"Táo" is "apple" not "apples". But, that sentence has 2 solution. The correct solution in Duolingo "The children eat apples." It's a wrong sentence.


I will argue that the correct translation of this sentence is actually "The children eat apples." There is nothing that specifies how many or which apples the children eat, so it is more correct to just say they eat apples (in general).

The usage of 'the' points out a specific apple. Since Vietnamese has no article 'the', the best translation of 'the children eat the apple' in Vietnamese that I can come up with would be 'the children eat the apple over there' or 'the children eat that apple': những đứa trẻ ăn táo đó.


I don't agree. There's no plural marker...and if it was THE apple the sentence would say qua tao.


Why are they all eating one apple in the first place? Pretty unsanitary


Why ăn táo = eat apples, not eat apple? I answered eat apple, but it counted wrong.


I said the same thing. Most people in the US would say eat apple. Why is it wrong? I don't think it is. DL wants the plural as the preferred I think.


The children eat apple


"the children eat apple" should be counted as correct. It is not specified as being either "the" or "an" apple. Why is it OK to say "the men eat papaya" or "the girl eats bread" but not "the children eat apple"? Just that it is an uncommon way of saying it in English doesn't make it incorrect


Needless to say, "the children eat apple" would be an extremely low frequency sentence in English.


Táo is apple not apples .But, that sentence has 2


the children eat apples. this is wrong. Táo là apple, những trái táo là apples


The problem is that "The children eat apple," in English is different from "The children eat an apple," or "The children eat apples." It is posible that someone might say "The children eat apple" but it would make apple an uncountable noun like 'steak' (which native speakers do not do) or it would mean that apple was the flavor of choice from among multiple available flavors. (Pie, juice, etc.)


I'm a native English speaker and "the children eat apple" makes perfect sense to me. I am imagining several apples chopped into small pieces and given to the children to eat. No child is eating a specific apple so the uncountable noun is fine.


Maybe in New Zealand that might be the case, but here in Maryland that's "The children eat an/the apple" with an article being de rigeur according to how the speaker regards the apple. "The children eat apple" means "apple" as an option among choices, e.g., apple pie as opposed to cherry pie. In that case, "apple" is actually attributive to some omitted noun.

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