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Translations far above my basic level

I have just started the French course. I cannot continue until I have done a 'translation' but the translation I'm given is far too difficult for my level of skill. How do I circumnavigate this to continue with lessons?

January 23, 2013



Just to clarify, On basics 1 course, I have done lessons 1-4. 5 is a 'real world translation' those I have looked at are far above my skill level. I cannot unlock further lessons till it is done - so I am stuck. Have really enjoyed the lessons 1-4 but now am sad! Help!


You can do lessons in basics 2.


Ah ha! Confusion caused by not realising that I was supposed to translate the short sentence at the bottom of the page. At first glance I thought I was supposed to try and translate the whole thing - scary! Have now happily translated a couple of words and feeling very happy and relieved. This is a lot of fun! Thank you Duolingo and thank you too Luis.


OK now realised it is also the ONE sentence at the top of the page - not the whole thing. Furthermore I can hover over the words with the curser and get help with the translation. Good oh! Relief! Thank you Duolingo, I love the idea of getting involved with translation from the beginning.

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