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"Khi chơi thể thao, các cầu thủ thường xuyên bị chấn thương cánh tay cẳng chân."

Translation:When playing sports, the players usually injure arms and legs.

April 23, 2016



• When playing sports, the players is usually injured in arms and legs. This is grammatically incorrect. Replace is with are and add the before arms.


Already reported. ;)


It is not true that the players in sporting events are usually injured. The injuries that happen to players are usually injuries to arms or legs. Whether the Vietnamese is good or not I can't say, but the English is not well composed.


Why is "bị" in this sentence? Shouldn't this be active voice rather than passive voice? It looks like this should be translated as "…the players usually are injured arms and legs," which doesn't make any sense.


"The players" implies that all of them "are usually injured." This is obviously not true. "Players" without the article is better English as it is not all inclusive.

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