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"Họ muốn xây nhiều tượng đài để những đứa trẻ nghèo thể nhìn cảm thấy no."

Translation:They want to build many statues in order for the poor children to look and feel full.

April 23, 2016



I think this is a satire. In some provinces of Vietnam, where standard of living of many people are still low, the government spends a lot of money building symbolic statues in stead of using money to improve the life of their people, including the poor children.


Thanks to your comment this sentence starts to make a bit of sense to me now. Still I would prefer there were less examples like this one in this course. It is already confusing enough because of how different En and VT are and how many bad English translations the course still unfortunately contains.


We "erect" rather than "build" statues and "see" or "look at" them.


They want to build many statues in order for the poor children to look and feel full. --- please accept


"In order for" is OK but "for" alone is sufficient and should be accepted.


What do you mean? It sounds epigrammatic.


It's just a string of words for the sake of testing out the limits I feel. I mean it makes sense. A better translation would be something like: "They want to build a lot of statues so that the poor children can look (at them) and feel full".


Still does not make sense. I never feel full by looking at statues.


It's satire. It's a satire at governments who build statues for 'heros' and yet their children go hungry.


this seems nonsensical


What do they mean by full? Proud?


The English here is so awkward I have to check the database I'm building every time.

The english meaning is: " They want to build many statues for the children to look at and feel full" but that deviates from the Vietnamese vocabulary used markedly.


"...and see and feel full" would also be more easily remembered. This is a hard one to translate without sticking in a lot of extra English words not included in the Vietnamese.


what? Who writes these?

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