"The apple"

Translation:Quả táo

April 23, 2016



Are Trái and Quả always interchangeable?


Yes they are. What you'll notice is that quả is more of a Northern Vietnamese word while in the South people tend to use trái more.

e.g. quả đất vs trái đất (earth)... quả dứa vs trái khóm/thơm (pineapple) or quả bóng vs trái banh (ball).


In literature, they often use quả. In real life, we use trái. The reason for this might be that the north uses quả while the south trái.


LanguageButcher It's mainly because the modern Vietnamese written standard is based almost entirely on Hanoian as a result of their takeover in 1975. Don't dig too deep into this, it's just what happened as the South had its own standard written language as well.


I am confused about this. I understand táo to mean 'apple' (or apples as a general category) and quả/trái táo to mean 'the apple' and một quả/trái táo to mean 'an apple' So why is táo an option for translating "the apple" There is a difference when 'the' is used in English.
I understand that quả/trái are classifiers and not specifically a demonstrative, but i thought that they were required when a demonstrative is needed?


My understanding is that "táo" by itself could mean "apple", "the apple" or "an apple"; but for the purpose of this Duolingo course, you must have "mộ̣t" to put "a" or "an", otherwise you need to put "the". Scroll down at these links for tips and notes: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/vi/Basics-1 https://www.duolingo.com/skill/vi/Classifiers-1


are these classifiers needed? it seems that you do not always need them?


Refer the Tips Notes of skill Classifiers 1 (click here) to know more about functions of classifiers. Then you can decide when you should use them ;)


I know they go with knows but do they have to? or only when using adjective or what?


qua is a loanword from Chinese “果”(guo)meaning fruit.


Why does this not need a classifier? This is the classification skill.


Trái is a classifier for animals or round objects.

EDIT: Fruit & round objects, not animals.


I'm sure you just made a mistake and mean "fruits" instead of "animals".


Oh lol yes of course.


There was no QUẢ. Why was the answer for "The apple" simply "TÁO" and not "QUẢ TÁO"?


How is TÁO an acceptable answer when TÒ TÁO should be??


My (incorrect) answer was "cái táo" which was corrected to simply "táo" and NOT "quả táo". What's up with that???


Technically, táo just means 'apples' in general.


NOTICE...."Trái" was not an option in the question., but "quả" was the option. Glad I got this right.


Learning two dialects at the same time without prompt or knowledge of the occurence can be confusing

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