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"After Dewi Lingo went, I had a coffee."

Translation:Ar ôl i Dewi Lingo fynd, ges i goffi.

April 23, 2016



In the multiple choice question, both "ces i goffi" and "ges i goffi" are correct. Does this mean the mutation is optional in this case, and if so, why?


In positive statements traditionally there would be a "mi" particle coming before the verb which caused a soft mutation (it's still common in the north). Since the "mi" particle is left out the mutation becomes optional.


I see. Thanks for the quick reply!


With all of these mutations ....ces....ges as well as many others...., how are spelling tests dealt with in Wales if more than one spelling is okay?


The base form (un-mutated) is used. I wouldn't recommend thinking about them as all acceptable spellings and instead grammatical variant of the original word. E.g gath, nghath, and chath would never be seen in a spelling test because they technically aren't words in their own right instead they're variants of Cath.

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