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  5. "Adam sent you a message."

"Adam sent you a message."

Translation:Adam wysłał ci wiadomość.

April 23, 2016



My response, "adam ci wysłał wiadomość", should be accepted.

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Perhaps, but it is quite awkward.

  • If you want to say a neutral phrase, the word order should be "Adam wysłał ci wiadomość."
  • But if you want to stress to whom the invitation was sent, you should use the long form of pronoun: Adam tobie wysłał wiadomość".


Adam wysłał ci wiadomość 〇  Adam wysłał tobie wiadomość〇  Adam tobie wysłał wiadomość〇  Adam ci wysłał wiadomość× 

I still don't quite understand why only the last sentence is wrong.


So, the first version is definitely the best one.

I've just removed the second and the third one. They are technically correct, however, 'tobie' is an accented (emphatic) pronoun, which we don't want you to use without an explicit reason. Here's more info on those pronouns:


I've just added the last one to the list of acceptable answers, but keep in mind that it's stylistically inferior and we don't really recommend such a word order.

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