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Cảm ơn Team Tiếng Việt!

When I first heard about Vietnamese, It was the first time I had seen a language on this site that I didn't at least want to try learning. However after reading an article on Benny Lewis' Fluent in 3 Months, I decided I would maybe give it a try. After a few lessons on the YouTube channel "VietnamesePod101" and starting the Duolingo course, I have already fallen in love with the language. I'm hoping maybe this can be my next big project, my current one is Ukrainian and I'm hoping to finish it in the next month. I want to really thank the Vietnamese language for making this course! I'm not aiming for fluency for now, more for having a little conversation using the correct tones. Then maybe after a summer of gathering up the basics I can progress to a better level! But seriously, Team Vietnamese, your language is so amazing and fun to speak! It sounds like those sound files for IPA on Wikipedia I LOVE IT!

Cảm ơn Team Tiếng Việt!

April 23, 2016



Thanks for your support. There're lots of rooms for improvements but we'll get there somehow. For your audio, I also recommend Google Translate since they just updated their TTS weeks ago. Sound quite clear and authentic.


>I have already fallen in love with the language.

Oh, that's the most beautiful thing to hear. If you ever need any help with Vietnamese, let me know.


Cam on - Thank You


If I had more time I'd do more Vietnamese. I still think it's one of my favourite languages.


Thanks because you love it. I love it too.


Cảm ơn rất nhiều-Thank you very much


Highly appreciated :)

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