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  5. "Bạn là con gà này."

"Bạn con này."

Translation:You are this chicken.

April 23, 2016



I can imagine myself going to Vietnam trolling people with these nonsense sentences I learned from Duolingo and people trying their best to guess what I really meant. "You want this chicken?" "You want to buy chicken?"


Duolingo gets existential again


I'm a Westerner who's living in Vietnam for several years now. And Duolingo is great help to remember words. Yes there are grazy sentences, but you remember the words. I did an official Vietnamese language course here and i can tell that the way they teach here is very boring. Very difficult to remember words. Duolingo keep up the good work .


Kk...Bạn là con gà này! What the hell? You are this chicken


Ha! seriously i can imagine if i say to my relatives (im native vietnamese) "Uncle, i just learned a new sentence, Bạn là con gà này!'" and he understands me, LOL


well you should say "bác/chú/cậu/dượng là con gà này" instead of "bạn" if you don't want to be rude... wink


Can I say Bàn là còn gà đấy?


no. your sentence would mean "you are the chicken over there."

"đấy" is an adverb of place, indicating a relative spatial position further than "đây". (there vs. here)

"này" is a demonstrative determiner, indicating a relative spatial position close to the speaker, in opposition to "ấy" or "đó" (this vs. that)

ps. be careful with diacritics: bạn, not bàn (which means a table)


I mean, I could say this to a chicken like ~grabs photo~ "You are this chicken"


Oh, i was born in water chicken year.


Oh ~~ bạn là con gà này cà khịa ai zui zư

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