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Are there any plans for Dutch courses for non-English speakers?

There seems to be a lot of construction under way like Esperanto for Spanish, Swedish for Russian, Russian for Turkish and so on, but no Dutch courses for any languages other than English.

Dutch is a really cool and weirdly addictive language to learn and I don't think finding people who speak both Dutch and another language like French or German to contribute would be too hard of a job.

What d'ya think?

April 23, 2016



Excellent idea! I would love to see the Scandinavian languages from other languages too!


Yeah, I agree. We need more distribution of Scandinavian languages too.


I would love to see at least German and French considering the location of the country. I'm sure more courses are coming, we just have to be patient!


There are definitely French and German speakers out there who also speak Dutch.


That wasn't exactly my point.


I meant there are speakers who can contribute to those courses.


Oh okay lol. Makes sense, I hope one day someone does!


Dutch for French speakers should exist, due to the fact that one of the two European countries that speak Dutch also speaks... French. A small country called Belgium. En daarom zou het leuk zijn oefeningen van Frans tot Nederlands te kunnen hebben :D


I assume it's in the pipeline, and would certainly prefer learning from German (my daily language) than from English (my mother tongue).


Ik heb een berichtje gestuurd om te helpen aan een cursus NL-DE, maar ik heb enkel een standaardreactie ontvangen en verder niets gehoord. Ik hoop dat er op een dag meer cursussen komen vanuit het Nederlands of naar het Nederlands toe


Ik ben het eens. Als alleen.


Dutch for German / French / Indonesian speakers would make sense in my opinion. But I hope we could see more courses for Dutch speakers.

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