"To dziecko miało brudne ubrania."

Translation:This child had dirty clothes.

April 23, 2016

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miało więc czemu 'this'. Miało znaczy że już go niewidać więc 'that' jest poprawne i nie 'this', wrrrrr!


Jedyna różnica pomiędzy 'this' i 'that' to różnica pomiędzy 'to' i 'tamto'. "Miało" niczego tutaj nie zmienia.


no it is not.
Polish has : to, to, tamto
English has this, that, that

and this is a sentence where you can translate to=that.

Next time report. unfortunately the course still has some missing translations left.

Polakom uczącym się tu angielskiego polecam (I reccomend this for Poles learning English) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Jtt6cjrFrE


I wrote a kid instead of a child, and your system indicated I am wrong. Correct it, please


We always try to accept 'kid' for 'dziecko' and it's accepted here as well. Must have been a bug.


I initially entered, "this child had dirty clothing" and it was marked wrong. i know that ubrania is plural, but in english clothing is also plural. could this be right?


Yeah, I guess 'clothing' is fine. Added now.


This child did have dirty clothes ?


I believe that is technically correct but pretty unusual, it's as if someone argued with you that the child had clean clothes and you're saying "No, this chid DID HAVE dirty clothes". We rather don't accept this construction, unless the original sentence suggests such an emphasis (for example by starting with "No").


Dziękuję bardzo Jellei! Czuję się, że wróciłeś.


Ja też :) Ale chyba chodziło Ci o "Cieszę się" :)


LOL. To prawda. Chodziłam mi o to.


"chodziło" :) In such meaning (I mean/I meant) it always uses 3rd person singular + a Dative pronoun.


This Polish sentence is odd. "Ubranie" is more like "outfit", a set of clothes. The child had multiple dirty sets of clothes? How did we learn of this? (Did they put them on one after the other and get them all dirty?) Surely it makes more sense to say "ubranie" in this situation. (In general, the plural "ubrania" is used rarely in Polish.)


I can agree that "ubranie" would fit this sentence better, but "ubrania" are rarely used? Really?

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