Grammar Capitalizing the first word in a sentence.

I find that the grammatical rule of capitalizing the first word in a sentence is providing my cheating brain an advantage. I simply look for the capitalized word to start the sentence, Anyone figured out a way around that little challenge?

2 years ago


Use the web version.

2 years ago

This issue really only crops up with the app version of Duolingo on phone/tablets, it's not really an issue on the website, because they "rearrange the words from the list" exercises don't show up in the web version.

For a few weeks back at the end of 2015/beginning of 2016, Duolingo did a test where all the words were lowercase, and they must have decided to go back to the capitalized sentences instead after analyzing the results of these tests (these decisions are never explained).

The easiest solution is to get used to reading the original text and doing the translation in your head before looking at the list of words - if you're using a phone, make a habit of moving your thumb up to obscure the word list. As you get more familiar with the vocabulary, the capitalization won't matter anyway, because you'll know which word is the verb (Irish sentences start with verbs, generally), so don't think of it as cheating, it's just a hint that comes from the regular rules of the language, and when you get to the stage where you don't need the hint, you won't pay any attention to it.

2 years ago
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