"I drink water with every meal."

Translation:Piję wodę do każdego posiłku.

April 23, 2016

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I believe "piję wodę przy każdym posiłku" could also be added as an option, sounds very natural for me as a Pole.


Yeah, I guess that's okay. Added now.


Is it correct to say: "Piję wodę z każdym posiłkiem" or does it sound strange?


It works. But anyway, I agree completely with Emwue.


Dziękuję bardzo!


5 years ago you said: "I agree completely with Emwue." I don't know what that means. Who or what is an Emwue? What did he, she, or it say about this topic? It's such a rare event that two people agree completely that it should be memorialized.


Interesting. Emwue was one of the moderators back then. As far as I recall, their account was hacked a few months ago, and it seems that it resulted in all their old comments being removed - because I cannot see any here.

My guess is that Emwue wrote that it sounds a bit strange and "do każdego posiłku" is preferrable.

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Why is it "do" and not "z"?


In order to express the idea that you don't just drink water when having a meal, but drink it in addition to your meal.


Would the same apply to wino or is that considered part of the meal?


My previous comment might have been a bit misleading. You can use both "z" and "do" in such sentences. I just wanted to explain why "do" makes sense here and also point out that it may even be a bit more elegant.


Hi , what cases are każdego and posiłku here ? Are they genetive ?

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