Why can't I pass the checkpoint again?

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My Dutch is very good, and I am just re-taking it to hopefully put it on LinkedIn at some point. I'm frustrated that I can't just re-do the checkpoint after I have passed it once to keep my tree golden. I really don't need to redo Basics 1, thank you very much. Is there a workaround?

2 years ago

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Passing the checkpoints allows you to unlock the sections without doing all the lessons in those sections. Once they are unlocked they are subject to gradual weakening as determined by the timed repetition algorythm, designed to get the language into your long term memory. Of course, you can select which skill or skills to strengthen or, if you feel the knowledge is already in your long term memory, you can ignore the gradual weakening of your tree. However you cannot stop the timed repetition algorythm.

If you want to redo the course again you can reset it and then test out of the sections again.

2 years ago
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