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I'm a student who needs a teacher

Hello, I'm learning French. I don't know how I can join a French course in Duolingo for schools . when I first signed up it showed me a button telling me to start a classroom and teach a language ..... I don't want to be a teacher .. I want to join a classroom .

April 23, 2016



A Duolingo for Schools classroom is a way for teachers to track their student's points and create assignments in order to follow their learning progress. You can learn French on Duolingo without joining a classroom. Be careful when joining classrooms lead by strangers, as your email address will be exposed to your "teacher" and they have control over your privacy and social interactions settings. Happy learning!


u could join my classroom. notify me on my stream. ill see if I can work something out for u.


Do you have a classroom code? If not, you can get one from someone. Go to join.duolingo.com to enter your classroom code.

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