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  5. "The child drinks water."

"The child drinks water."

Translation:Đứa trẻ uống nước.

April 23, 2016



Oh boy i always get this wrong


May I ask why "Người đứa con/trẻ" can't be used in this example?


It's the same way you can't use "the a boy." So either người or đứa, not both.


So is 'đứa' also some sort of classifier? I thought the entire phrase behaved like 'phụ nữ' where adding người before it changed it from 'a woman' to 'the woman' (viz. Basics 1/Lesson 1).


Is "đứa" a classifier? This is an excellent question. I would say so, but đứa can only be used for children, or young people that are yet mature. Đứa is more of a description of those who don't just walk, but skip and bounce around for fun.

The elderly and people in high places do use it to prefer to younger people and people at lower positions, hence your parents can always prefer to you as đứa at any age.

Here are few terms where you can use it: đứa nhỏ (small kid), đứa bé (little kid), đứa con (a child/an offspring), nhiều đứa (many kids), mấy đứa (those kids, several kids).


Hola, https://www.duolingo.com/LanguageButcher. i gave you some great advice, and you took it, maybe 9 months ago.


You can say : "đứa bé" or "đứa trẻ". "Đứa con" but not use "Người"


My việt keyboard won't let me choose certain required characters but when i use the autocorrect to get those characters, the app flags it as a typo, even when it matches.

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