"Li aplikis sian grandan scion al la problemo."

Translation:He applied his great knowledge to the problem.

April 24, 2016

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I typed in "He applied his vast knowledge toward the problem." because I thought it sounded better, but it was incorrect...

Sigh. My brain doesn't like literal translations.


a comment that is -1 is the top comment? I'm giving it an up-vote.


I really hate that the "The English sentence is unnatural or has an error" complaint is only available for some forms of the exercises


For my part, I think people are WAY too focused on the English sentences in this course about Esperanto. I especially love (i.e. hate) when people say "most native speakers would say X" - and "X" actually means something slightly DIFFERENT than what the Esperanto sentence says.

Remember what you're here to learn.


That's true, but it makes it a lot harder to learn when the sentences we're translating don't make much sense in the first place. This particular sentence isn't too bad, but there are definitely sentences in the course that don't make a lot of sense to even a native English speaker.

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