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  5. "The man drinks apple juice."

"The man drinks apple juice."

Translation:Người đàn ông uống nước ép táo.

April 24, 2016



Is "nước táo" interchangeable with "nước ép táo"? The former is how I was first taught to say apple juice.


"nước ép táo" = apple juice, juice from pressed apples

"nước táo" = any kind of water that has apples in it or is extracted from apples.

So "nước táo" may be used interchangeably with "nước ép táo" in some cases but not always.


I see. Cám ơn!!!


Không có chi! You're welcome!


Native English and Vietnamese speaker here. While the phrase for "juice" really is "nước ép", nobody says "nước ép táo" in Vietnamese. Apple juice is just "nước táo"; same for orange juice, cherry juice, etc.


So "Người" = "the"?


Not at all. In Vietnamese, we don't have articles but classifiers instead. Classifiers not only make nouns definite but also demonstrate something about their physical/non-physical appearance or quantity. "Người" is the classifier for humans. Please refer the Tips Notes of skill Classifier 1 (click here) for more information.


My wife says in practice almost no one says người when talking about people. Why is this app so adamant we use it? She is a native speaker.


it is not true in this case: "đàn ông uống nước ép táo." this would be a general statement, and it would mean all men (in the world) drink apple juice.


Your link goes to the Home page. People could go to this page and scroll down: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/vi/Basics-1


Người means human/people/person/men (humans, not males). It functions as "the" in this case.


First sentence is true, second is not. Please take a look at the comments above.


"The man" stand for a specific man => THE. So I think in Vietnamese we would said "ong ay uong nuoc ep tao". While "Nguoi dan ong" stands for something generic, so in English we would have said "Men drinks appel juice". Can someone comment my post?


This language is soooo hard


Tại sao táo ép lại không được mà lại là ép táo ạ?


I guess I don't understand why "Nguoi" is needed here when I can start a sentence with "Co ay" or "Dua tre" (apologies for lack of VN keyboard)... could one omit the "Nguoi" in this case?


Cll you mi.mai adruk


I don't have these letters and characters. Whwre is the keyboard with them? Thank you.


There's no keyboard for typing Vietnamese on Duolingo yet. You can try Unikey for this purpose.


If you don't mind my Southern accent, please come check my Mega drive tomorrow. I'm gonna upload my own voice recordings there. Cheers! :)

I can't help with Northern accent though.


Please add more audios to this course :( How can I learn if I can't pronounce??

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