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"Mẹ của bạn phải đi đến bệnh viện."

Translation:Your mother must go to the hospital.

April 24, 2016



why "your mother has to go to the hospital" is wrong meanwhile another answer "your mother have to go to the hospital" is right? "your mother" should go with "has to" not "have to"


Report it. Some of their English translations aren't uh... particularly top-notch. :)


I put "Your mum must go to hospital" and got a message 'You need the article "the" here.'

My english seems fine to me so normally I'd just report it but because of that message I'm wondering if there is something about that sentence in Vietnamese that actually requires the article 'the' between 'to' and 'hospital'?


You're not going crazy, that is common and acceptable English in Australia. I've reported that the translation should be accepted.


No they just have a generic error message they spit out when your answer almost matches one of the accepted answers but for the omission of "the". It doesn't take into account the fact that the list of accepted answers is often incomplete.


I'm not sure about what you're saying. Maybe that's what you'd say in Ireland or the UK (or even Australia). However in Canada and the US, we would say, "Your mom must go to the hospital." That's how we would say it here, so your phrasing sounds a little weird to us. Maybe the DL team knows American or Canadian English. At least, they recognized "mum". Maybe you should report it and say it's how you would phrase it in your dialect.


Haha yeah, I guess it must be my ocker way of speaking. We Australians are too lazy and leave out words. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ocker)


Oh I heard of ocker before! Didn't really give it a lot of thought. But now I'm more educated thanks to you! =)


No, yours.


duolingo does not accept 'mom'?

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