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  5. "Przyjeżdżam pociągiem."

"Przyjeżdżam pociągiem."

Translation:I am arriving by train.

April 24, 2016



What case is „pociągiem” in? The dictionary notes say it means "by train", so is it really "train (Instr.)"?


Again, my English seems to fail me: 'I arrive with the train' - does that work?


Quote from a native: "It's grammatical but rather different. Instead of arriving on the train you're arriving at the same time, and probably not on it."


I arrive - is in Present Simple Przyjeżdżać to czasownik niedokonany (imperfective). So it is used in Present Continuous: I am arriving (I am still on the way)

If you want use Present Simple, you should use: Jeżdżę pociągiem.


Yeah, although I don't think that "I arrive with the train" would translate to "Jeżdżę pociągiem"...


Why "I'm arriving by a train" is not a right answer?


You don't use an article when using "by" to describe certain modes of transport. "I'm going/coming/travelling by train/by plane/by boat/by car/by bus". You can say you're on the train, though, e.g. "I'm on the train now; I'll be arriving at [time]."


Can przyjeżdżać mean both:

I arrive (habitually)


I am arriving (one time)?

Unlike jeżdżić which I think can only apply to regular, or habitual motion?

(And one time motion would be jechać)

Do verbs of motion no longer have this distinction once a prefix is added?

I found the perfective przyjechać, which I think would not work here because we are phrasing it in present tense (although almost certainly talking about the future?)

Hope this makes sense, thank you :)


Hmmm, let's see.

"jeździć" (note that these are Ź with 'accents', not with dots) is habitual or 'driving around right now', while "jechać" is driving to some specific place, one time motion.

Then you have "przyjeżdżać" (and this one does have Ż with dots indeed) and it's imperfective while "przyjechać" is perfective. As perfective verbs cannot be used in the Present Tense (what would it be, "przyjeżdżę"? definitely not a word), it has to be "przyjeżdżam" here.

So this "Przyjeżdżam pociągiem" can mean both 'right now' or 'regularly'. Basically, you are right :)

There's "dojeżdżać" (Dojeżdżam pociągiem) that works well for regular, but it's basically like "I commute".


Thanks so much, I know I'll get this clear in my head with practice. :)

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