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  5. "Một ly nước, cảm ơn."

"Một ly nước, cảm ơn."

Translation:A glass of water, thanks.

April 24, 2016



From Chinese 感恩 ‘gratitude’:

  • Mandarin: gǎn‘ēn

  • Cantonese: gám yān

  • Hokkien: kám-un


Thank you for these posts throughout the course! so much easier to anchor words this way


What's the difference between cảm ơn and cám ơn?


Actually, "cám ơn" is an informal variation of "cảm ơn" and it's often used in daily conversations (nationwide, not only in Southern dialect like TehVanach said). However, in formal speech and text, you should use "cảm ơn" instead of "cám ơn". To me, I always use "cảm ơn" even when I talk.
Some Vietnamese words have the same variation, for example: phản ảnh (original) and phản ánh (derived).


Cám ơn is the Southern Vietnamese spoken form. It arose out of tone sandhi (the process of tone changes due to fast speech). The tones ả and ã in the South have merged and start low and rise to a high pitch.


I thought it has to do with formality, no? I also see cảm ơn in formal written writing.


Which is why I said it's the spoken form in Southern Vietnamese although both can be considered formal by Southern speakers. It most likely arose out of tone sandhi.

Edit: It's also because modern written Vietnamese is largely based on Hanoian Vietnamese after they ousted the Southern regime.


I entered thank you instead of thanks and was marked incorrect. Is it really that specific?


You can hit the REPORT button and suggest your own translation. I see no problem with "thank you" here.


“Cam on” is a loanword from Chinese 感恩(gan en)


What's the difference between a "glass of water" and a "water glass (glass used for drinking water)" I'm guessing there's a grammatical distinction when it comes to purpose?


If you mean "a glass of water", you say "một ly nước".

If you mean "a glass used for drinking water", you say "một CÁI ly (dùng để) uống nước".

People who speak the Northern dialect probably say CHIẾC instead of CÁI and CỐC instead of LY/LI.


In english if you are asking for a glass of water you would say "a glass of water please" . The intention of this phrase counts and even though it has used cam on could be translated as please equally as thanks


Best Eselbrücke: A glass of water, come on!


They need add, "thank you" that is the proper ways.. Thanks = lazy version of thank you

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