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Typing Vietnamese with no other program?

Please, Duolingo, make it possible to type Vietnamese without any further tricks, like it is done on Wikipedia and elsewhere on the web. One might choose the way of typing in the (site) settings and type Vietnamese in Telex way when doing Vietnamese exercises (and not having tone signs all over when doing, say, Turkish exercises).

I know that Esperanto course accepts the „x-system“ (gx instead of ĝ), so it might be the same about other courses that use characters beyond the basic English alphabet.

PS: Does anybody know how to get rid of Vietnamese keyboard once the UniKey is shut down? I use UniKey for practicing the language, but when I close the program, the third keyboard layout rests until reset, and that's rather annoying. I can't see anything on that in the settings for UniKey.

Later update

The solution that I've found is AVIM - Vietnamese Input Method extension for my Chromium-based Yandex-browser, which I use most often for practicing at Duolingo. With AVIM you have no additional layouts, it also allows to choose among several input methods. Available for Chrome and all similar browsers (must be something similar for Firefox too).

April 24, 2016



I prefer to use the windows keyboard which allows me to switch between languages with a CTRL key plus an assigned number which I get to choose myself for each language. http://typingvietnamese.blogspot.com/p/typing-vietnamese-for-windows.html

Perhaps you could contact support at Unikey: http://www.unikey.org/ Ooops! A lot of information is in Vietnamese and we are still learning.


I also use the windows keyboard. I am unsure if it is as elegant as the other methods, though I haven't had problems typing in Vietnamese with it.


I agree with those recommending the standard/Windows VN keyboard layout - it requires you to learn very little extra. I've been living in VN and I suspect telex, unikey etc input methods are still popular in Vietnam just because not too long ago other options were not present. Some of my Viet friends actually still use number key based input option on their smart phones which I think is crazy in 21st century :)

Talking of which, even better for newcomers is to type on a touch screen VN keyboard. I'm assuming Vietnamese course will be added soon with the next Duolingo phone/tablet app update.

Basically, if you're new to typing VNese, standard VN keyboard makes more sense. Telex, unikey and the like if you've already used it all your life as most Vietnamese will have done.


The Russian reality has already made me use two layouts; three layouts make working a mess, while the WinVN cannot replace my current hand-made layout which I use for typing Turkish, Polish and Esperanto. I might modify my layout, adding Vietnamese to it, but that seems to be a longer work than adding some JavaScript here to make using Telex possible in the exercises for thousands of users.


Ok, I have found a suitable solution and updated the text.

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