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  5. "My purple plates are dry."

"My purple plates are dry."

Translation:Moje fioletowe talerze są suche.

April 24, 2016



Purple=fioletowy i purpurowy


Well, while you are theoretically right , if you are talking colours with random people and not painters, many Poles (like me) consider purple closer to magenta or maroon (I am writing this with a colour chart from dictionary in front of me), while fioletowy is purple. Also many people will not know what "purpurowy" colour is.


I think only ladies consider purple closer to magenta or maroon ;) For men purple is purpurowy, violet is fiolet and maroon is bordowy :)


As most men I know have trouble to see between fioletowy and różowy, and never heard of purpurowy. Which is why I strongly encourage learners to learn "fioletowy". But our course creators assure me they added "purpurowy" here.


As most ladies I know have trouble to see between screw and bolt and they never heard of screwdriver. It does not mean that you can use screw and bolt as one word even if English dictionary says that it is the same.


I happen to have a builder's dictionary in my hand, 14 out of 16 phrases with "bolt" translate to "śruba" , two have sworzeń
14 out of 20 phrases with "screw" translate to "śruba" 6 have wkręt

what is your point exacly? that Polish people use śruba for both, like they most often use fioletowy for colour, when English prefer purple.

also where did you find those women who never heard of screwdriver? they don't watch Doctor Who ? :P


http://sjp.pwn.pl/szukaj/purpurowy.html purpurowy ( dark red with a shade of "fiolet") http://sjp.pwn.pl/szukaj/fioletowy.html fioletowy( a colour made by mixing blue and red)

http://www.wsjp.pl/index.php?id_hasla=5345&ind=0&w_szukaj=purpurowy purpurowy = having a dark red colour with a shade of "fioletowy"

WSJP.pl considers purpurowy hyponymy of RED.

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