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Vietnamese Movies

What are some good Vietnamese movies we can watch to practice? Is there a good place to find vietnamese movies, shows or dubs online?

I've only gotten a few so far: Bẫy Rồng, Sài Gòn Yo!, and Lửa Phật.

Lửa Phật is the only one I've watched all the way through, and it was pretty good if you like historical fantasy type stuff. I've started Sài Gòn Yo! and it seems like an enjoyable hip hop film.

I was hoping y'all might could point me toward some more :)

Edit: Thanks for the recommendations and links, everyone. I got some more recommendations from others as well, so I'll leave them here:

Thiên Mệnh Anh Hùng - historical action fantasy

Dòng Máu Anh Hùng - historical action fantasy

Áo lụa Hà Đông - historical drama, though tbh it looks too intense for me

Chuyện Tình Xa Xứ - romcom, partially set in California

April 24, 2016



I'd recommend skipping most of the historical fantasy stuff (at least anything not set within the last 100 yrs). Most of that language won't help a new learner of the language. Stick with the modern settings if you're seriously looking to beef up your skills. If you're comfortable with the language, then definitely take on the historical fantasy stuff.

Buffalo Boy is definitely a recommendation from me, as is Scent of Green Papaya and Journey from the Fall. All good, though all depressing. Very, very depressing. I prefer the historical fantasy stuff.

Of note is that there are a lot of Korean and Chinese dramas that get dubbed into Vietnamese. If you're not put off by dubbing, that's another route to explore. Then there are the TV stations. You'll have to pay for them if you want them on your TV, but I find that the major channels all seem to have official YouTube channels. SBTN comes first to mind, but I live in America, so I'm biased. I know some of the in-country shows have official YouTube channels, though. I highly recommend watching stuff you know (So You Think You Can Dance, Pop Idol, Iron Chef, etc) but remade for a whole different audience - it's an interesting experience.


Thank you so much, though i am just starting out, i am curious to see how many words i can pick up (if any).


Tôi thích Sài Gòn Yo! Tôi muốn xem Nước 2030.


The Vietnamese usually watch " Co dau tam tuoi " in Vietnamese version.


The Scent of Green Papaya is the only one I know of.


FPT Play is a place you can access Vietnamese movies.


I really love this one : Mùa hè chiều thẳng đứng (The Vertical Ray of the Sun)


This is pretty old, so not sure if anyone will see this. Are there any Vietnamese movies with subtitles from fantasy genre, thinking Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter style (not dubbed versions of those movies), or good SciFi or Apocalypse (along the lines of Walking Dead or X-Files or Star Wars types of things) movies? Probably a long shot, but I have had a really hard time finding movies in those genres and those are the genres I'd find enjoyable to watch while trying to learn.

Any help would be appreciated. I was finally able to find a site with translated versions of Bleach manga, which took hours of searching and help from a community of Tiếng Việt learners, and I still can't find a good dubbed version of the show.


Personally I don't think we have movies which are similar to Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. You can try watching Vietnamese sitcom. I find out this channel has substitute in Vietnamese. I hope it is useful. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wdNckdeO68


mình thích coi phim mỹ hơn phim việt nam nên mình cũng không biết nhiều phim việt nam cho lắm


Most of my favourite Vietnamese movies, unfortunately (for you), feature mainly Southern Vietnamese actors so their speech will be different to the Northern pronunciations that they are using. Anyway here are some examples if you're interested: The South produces more films these days and is essentially the Hollywood of Vietnam.

Journey from the Fall (Vượt sóng): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3720TpWpW8 <-- might be a little controversial as it's an overseas Vietnamese production about the plight of refugees.

Lật Mặt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvnqf4OmAWY

Để Mai Tính 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eo-85_pWO00


Thanks you. Nice movie.


Do you know Mắt Biếc?


you can take a look to Phượng Khấu - historical drama: https://pops.vn/series/phuong-khau-5da547082769b5003b21cd4a

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